move studio


Come into a space where unfettered movement takes you in unexpected directions. Yes, this is unlike anything you've seen or experienced before. You are transported—scene by scene—to a place of pure energy, grace, and athleticism. Where the fluid poetry of dance and art meets the explosive power of competitive sport. Where basic movements push the bounds of gravity, where your own power and grace will astound you. The experience is as mesmerizing as it is surprising, destined to fill you with a sense of joy and wonder. An experience so amazing you will want a record of it. Of course, that's possible too.

MOVE Studio is an experience created and commissioned by Microsoft for the debut of their Mixed Reality headsets in 2017. The piece lives as a permanent sculpture inside the Cliff House (mixed reality's equivalent of a computer's desktop) that all users are able to interact with immediately after putting their headsets on for the first time. In addition, it is one of four pieces of content able to be demoed in any Microsoft store around the world, as demonstrated by myself in the gif above swinging my body around.

My role in the project was to design and create the auditory experience. The most important constraint was to encourage the user to move their body during the experience, which manifested itself in many programmatic elements tied to the audio. One prominent example of this is a low pass filter placed on the entirety of the audio mix, with the threshold frequency tied to the speed of movement of the user. Throughout the user's journey through MOVE Studio, an entirely programmatic soundtrack unfolds based on their movements, and spatializes each sound component around them based on their previous locations.